Have you made risotto with bone marrow? This is risotto alla Milanese. Most people know the dish for it’s golden saffron colour, but traditionally it was also made with good beef stock and a hefty chunk of bone marrow. . When @foodofplace opened my eyes to this fact, I knew I wanted to give it a go and got some beef bones especially. The liquid is white wine and home-made beef stock and the fat is butter and bone marrow. I used powdered saffron, some onion and lots of parmesan. . It is very good. The cheese gives a salty tang, the rice is dreamily creamy and the butter/marrow combo feels to me like saying a deep thank you as I sink into a cushioned arm chair! . More details in my story today. The recipe is going in the forthcoming @ancestralkitchenpodcast ecookbook that @farmandhearth and I are brewing up. Andrea showed me some cover pages yesterday and I’m all excited about sharing it!