Bread that converts non-believers! . I took this rye bread (which is a beautifully sweet Russian-style loaf) to a friend’s house last week. She bought some ‘normal’ bread as she has historically disliked rye. . She (and her children) tried it and we completely converted. I left the rest of it there and she’s asked for more. . Besides liking the compliment, I’m glad she wants more as I have a freezer full of rye sourdough bread!! I’ve been working on my upcoming rye course for @thefermentationschool for months and I think I can see the light at the end…maybe two more days of filming to go! . If you’re near Florence and like rye sourdough (or even if you think you *don’t* like rye!) I’ll happily give you a loaf. It’s great with avocado and sumac, as I’m eating for lunch today.