For me, there are few books that entertain, move, educate and shock me all in one. This book, Chewing the Fat, by @historicalitalianfood did it all in spades. . The prose is full of such depth of information, as well as being super-readable. The revelations – like those of widespread lard use (rather than olive oil) and the real story of how pizza conquered the world – held me amazed. Hearing the sometimes excrutiatingly difficult journeys of the women Karima interviewed often brought me to tears. . @farmandhearth and I were so excited to interview Karima on the podcast. We asked her all about what *real* Italian food has been and also about what interviewing dozens of women aged 90+ about their life and food was like. . I personally am so grateful that Karima did the work to get these women’s stories down in print before their generation and all they lived disappears. . If you have not read the book, I would totally recommend it. If you want to know more, give the podcast episode a listen. You can find us on your favourite podcast player as @ancestralkitchenpodcast or stream/download any episode from the link in my profile.