Beef tongue marinated in the spice blend I talked about a couple of posts back then slow-cooked for 7 hours. It’s hard to slice fresh, but once cooled and refrigerated it makes the most amazing sliceable sandwich filler that’ll last for days and days. . Here served with raw grated carrot, Brussels sprouts and sourdough rye generously spread with home-rendered lard. I dressed the carrots with olive oil that I had put some fresh rosemary in for a few months (rosemary oil and carrot are a combo I’d recommend). . It’s a close thing whether a prefer beef tongue or beef heart. Both are so easy to slow-cook, so delicious and give you food for days. . Thank you to @ancestralkitchenpodcast listener Kerstin who sent me the tongue recipe. . Next on the one-cook-to-last-all-week list is beef liver pate. Hoping to use @almostbananas recipe for this one.