When I met my husband, Rob, he’d already been on a 10-year health journey. He’d given up milk, wheat and was vegetarian. I knew about turning your food world upside down, having previously transformed my own diet in order to lose half my body weight. . Together we went deeper into healing through food, eating vegan and then raw vegan for 2 years, during which time we juice and water fasted. It was the desire to have a child that took us beyond that. I hadn’t had a menstrual cycle for 5 years and a doctor told me I’d never conceive without drugs. . Through embracing animals fats like never before, I was able to bring back my cycle and become pregnant naturally. The little man you see in this picture came into our lives. . And how he has taken us all further still. I couldn’t produce enough milk, so we used the WAPF baby formula and were threatened with child protection services for doing so. He then had emergency bowel surgery at 18 months and 20cm of intestine removed. Both Rob and I have weaved his healing journey with ours since then, working persistently and patiently to discover answers. . I am so grateful for my family, the lessons that my life circumstances have taught me and the grit and softness that has developed in me through facing them. 2022 doesn’t look all roses, but I trust that the path I’m led towards is one that will open doors of opportunity and I know that every moment of presence I get to spend with these two will be so treasured. . Happy new year from my home to yours. x