Still working on the sourdough non-dairy muffins! . This latest batch – chocolate and hazelnut – went to be ‘taste-tested’ by the 12 little ones that make up my 7 year-old son’s class! Reports back were that they were great…but Mumma’s not totally satisfied by the recipe. . I tried to make the outside less crust-like by steaming the oven. It worked well, but overall they are still a bit ‘bready’ for my liking; I want them more ‘muffiny’ – think that translates to softer. . Next round will include fruit pulp. . I shared the recipe in my newsletter that went out yesterday. If you want to receive it, click the link in my profile. If you do so before end of tomorrow, you should automatically get send this issue and therefore the recipe. . You could be eating these very soon ;-)