There’s been an ancient beer lull here. My grains stopped sprouting. No sprouting means no malt and no malt means no beer. Rob’s been pining for it, so I had to do something! . Step in @molinobongiovanni who sell organic grains. I bought (from top left, clockwise) farro spelta (spelt), avena (oats), miglio (millet) and segale (rye). a little bit of each has gone in to soak, and then hopefully to sprout! . In the meantime, I’m heading off on a beer starter culture adventure. So far, I’ve been following @sandorkraut’s Bouza recipe in #wilfermentation, which uses a sourdough starter. The sourness in the resultant beer is sometimes overpowering and I’m ready to spread my wings and try another way of inoculating my ferment that’s yeast-led, rather than bacteria-led. Will report back on how it goes! . Luckily, Rob likes *almost* everything I create. On a good day, I think it’s because it’s generally tasty. On a not so good day, I’m sure it’s because he loves me ;-)