The beginnings of a fermented gingerbread about to go down for a 2-plus month fermentation. And I couldn’t be more excited! . I mixed this dough up alongside @elliemarkovitch (using Zoom, across an ocean!). She did hers with rye whereas here I used local spelt flour along with chestnut honey from @thecreatorscastle. . Thanks to Annie at @kitchencounterculture for the nudge. I’d been researching long-fermented flour recipes for a while, having gone down a rabbit hole when I heard that Pain d’Epices was originally fermented for 3 months. When I saw her posting about a @sandorkraut inspired fermented gingerbread, I knew I had to get doing it. . This dough is now on the bottom shelf of a cupboard downstairs in my apartment. Our flat is on a hill, cut into the Tuscan soil, so it tends to stay the coolest down there. . Will I be able to resist getting it out and checking/sniffing it between now and December? Probably not. But that’s half the fun, isn’t it?! . Some pics of the process in my stories.