The last of our garden beetroot for this year. I am a container-only gardener, so only had space for 8 beetroot. They are precious to us because we have so few! I sautéed them in olive oil (thanks to a nudge from @almostbananas), root first, then later adding onions, the beet greens and caraway seeds. . Served here with goat from @aziendaagricolapodereruggeri and fat-slathered home-made sourdough spelt bread (recipe on my site in the resources section). . I had a sitting-in-the-garden dreaming session this morning. I came up with a big plan for next summer, in which I double our beet production to 16! I’m also hoping to get more flowers, because I need their beauty around me and because *bees*! Bokashi – fermented compost – will help me with this plan. I have 2 bucket-fulls fermenting as I type which will hopefully mean I don’t have to buy any new compost come spring.