Ancestral chocolate for breakfast! . This is a mix of Nicaraguan cacao beans that I roasted, shelled and ground and left-over millet grain that has been through the wild beer-making process. . I cooked the millet up on the stove like porridge. It was full of probiotic yeasts and bacteria when it went in the pot…and the benefits weren’t all cooked out when I heated it (check my profile-linked article on postbiotics and paraprobiotics if you want to know more). . Once it was done I stirred in some cinnamon and plopped in the home-processed 100% cacao tablets. Watching them melt was gorgeous! After a taste I could tell that coconut would work well, so I found the packet at the back of our cupboard and liberally sprinkled. . Most ancestral cacao drinks (i.e. drinks made in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica) use corn. My son cannot eat corn, so I’ve been dreaming up alternatives like this. Using the ‘spent’ millet grain feels so satisfying, as it’s taking something that has been ‘pre-loved’ (in our beer) and using it again! . Chocolate podcast is coming a week today :-)