Bonus Interview: Wild Quetzal on Vegan and Ancestral Diets

“One of the great illusions is that we can escape the cycle of life and death.”

Andrea watched Wild Quetzal’s Instagram videos about ancestral foodways and knew she wanted to talk to him!

We’re bringing you this special interview in between our normal episodes. It’s recorded directly on Zoom, so the audio’s not as pristine as usual, but the content is great.

Andrea and Quetzal talk about:

  • How ancestral communities eat
  • Connection to nature and its cycles
  • Transitioning from vegan to ancestral foods
  • Western society’s discomfort with death
  • Health as a by-product of being in tune with one’s body and environment
  • Fertility as a sign of health
  • Eating locally
  • Dealing with internet abuse

“Animal foods demand that you have reverence”

Andrea’s in Washington State and Quetzal’s in Hawaii, the recording was night-time for Alison hence her absence! Still, Alison and Andrea got together to record a brief introduction to this interview, so you’ll hear Alison’s perspective on the interview, including some of her own raw vegan journey, in the introductory chat.

There is some mild swearing, so if you’re in sensitive company, you might want to pop in earbuds.

Resources mentioned:

The Holistic Mother on Instagram

We’d love to continue the conversation. Come find us on Instagram:

Andrea is at Farm and Hearth

Alison is at Ancestral Kitchen

The podcast is at Ancestral Kitchen Podcast

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4 Responses

  • I love this podcast! I have my Nourishing Traditions cookbook! My sour dough starter is on my counter! My cabbage is in the fridge waiting for me to ferment it and I have gone through gallons of milk this week making yogurt and gathering whey! I’ve ordered my kombucha stuff! Ha! So, the place that I’m a little stuck is with beans…would you consider doing a podcast where you talk about how you sprout your beans and prepare them for future use. Andrea talks a lot about pork and beans and how she always has them on hand ready to go. I have a large family with 7 children and cooking in advance/bulk is a huge help for me. How do incorporate beans in my mix? Once they sprout what do I do? Can I cook a bunch of them and then freeze them? Is there a recipe that you follow for your pork and beans dish? Again, LOVE the podcast! LOVE food! LOVE the cookbook! Sooooo gooood!

    • Hey Lanette! Thank you for such a lovely comment. You have a lot of good things going on in your kitchen 🙂 Pretty awesome with 7 kids! Thanks for the beans suggestion – I’ll talk to Andrea about it for sure.

  • It is just after 9 pm here at my home in Rhode Island and this is one happy person typing this comment…why you might ask, because just minutes ago I removed my first SUCCESSFUL attempt at a sour dough bread. And the success was due to Alison’s great instructions. I used rye watched the videos and it worked!!!!!!! Now on to spelt…just because there is no stopping me now….Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

    • How wonderful to read such joy, Joyce! I’m happy your bread has turned out so well. Enjoy the spelt too 🙂

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