I have never cooked live on camera – but I will be, next Friday! This is what I’ll be demonstrating – a sourdough discard sweet rye spice loaf. It’s a bread I’ve made countless times over the last three years, so hopefully I’ll be able to talk and mix at the same time! . My Ancestral Kitchen podcast co-host @farmandhearth will also be demonstrating lemon mousse and root beer. All three recipes come from Nourishing Traditions, the wonderful cookbook that we spent all of our last podcast episode raving about! . The interactive workshop is available live (and in perpetuity) to the patrons of our podcast. Check out our IG account @ancestralkitchenpodcast if you want to know more. . And if you want more mouth-watering previews, I’ll pop some pics in my stories in a mo and you can find the recipe on which this rye spice bread is based on page 491 of Nourishing Traditions.