Have you eaten egg, bread and pesto together? . I did for supper yesterday: . Millet and sorghum sourdough spread with home-rendered lard (fat from @lavalledelsasso), topped with a fried egg, fried spring onions (both from @radiciumane at #mercatointransizione) and home-made pesto left over from the pizza-making session a few pictures back! . It was yum! . And it was completely Italian, mostly local, and also had a few bits from our garden in. It was definitely supermarket-free and that makes me feel good. . The latest @ancestralkitchenpodcast is on Quitting Supermarkets – listen in to hear me talk about why I want these places out of my life and how I’m doing with my quest. You can find the episode in your podcast app (search for Ancestral Kitchen) or by clicking on my profile link and streaming the episode from my website.