One of the biggest fears I had when I started taking steps to remove supermarkets from my life was that it was going to cost me more to buy from local suppliers. . A few years down the line, my experience has taught me some nuggets regarding food expenses. . The staples do not cost more *if* we are willing to change our daily habits and expectations. . Here’s our lunch. Sliced cow’s heart. . The heart, from @valledelsasso cost 15 Euro. That’s less than 18USD, 13GBP or 24AUD. Uncooked, it weighed 2.3kg. It has made 23 meals. That’s 65 Italian cents per serving. In addition, it has given us almost 4 litres (quarts) of the most amazing stock. . And this meat was raised by someone who *really* cares, just around the corner. Meat that looks ‘cheap’ in the supermarket isn’t. Someone or something has paid the price. Someone or something has been exploited. . In the latest episode of @ancestralkitchenpodcast I talk about my quest to detoxify my life of supermarkets. I get quite passionate. Luckily, @farmandhearth, my co-host, knows how to handle me! You can listen to us in Apple podcasts or by streaming from the link in my profile. . And, in case you were curious, also on the plate we have salad from our garden and the local farmers’ market with a dressing including nigella seeds and some spelt sourdough spread with home-rendered local lard.