If we’re going to survive as a species, the world needs changing. . And, in wanting to play my part, I often feel either completely overwhelmed or as if I have to do something wild; something defiant. . But the truth is this: . We don’t have to rebel; we don’t have to stand with placards; we don’t have to fight; we don’t have to march. . We just need to *stop*shopping*at*supermarkets* . That’d shake things up so monumentally, the waves would drown a lot of our issues and what was born in their wake would be transformational. . But it ain’t easy! Habit is strong, ‘saving’ money is a constant worry, time seems not on our side, advertising bombards us relentlessly, convenience is such a balm to our crazy lives. . Today’s new episode of Ancestral Kitchen Podcast focuses on my own desire to get supermarkets 100% out of my life. The conversation is partly the reasons, partly the difficulties and partly asking for ideas to help. . Thank you @farmandhearth for letting me get on my soap box somewhat and express something that burns so deep within me I had to get it out! If you’d like to hear why supermarkets are so bad, get some inspiration for getting to your local farmers’ market or pick up some tips for avoiding supermarket ‘pitfalls’, listen in – You can find us on your podcast app by searching for Ancestral Kitchen Podcast or you can stream the episode from my website (link in profile). . I’d *love* to hear what you think.