Us Brits are kinda attached to our bacon. Put a bunch of us in heavenly Tuscany, with all it’s cured meats, and we miss food the way we’re used to. I think it’s a human nature thing…being in an unfamiliar culture (even if you love it, like I do) sometimes makes one crave familiarity. . So, how else can I respond, other than try and make my own Bacon?! . So I have some beautiful #rigatino from Flavio at @lavalledelsasso and a recipe (that doesn’t include nitrates) from @rivercottagehq. . This is the end of day 1. The puddle you can see is liquid from the meat, coloured by my cure which is unrefined dark soft sugar, coarse salt, rosemary and bay leaves. . I have no idea how this is going to turn out. And I like that feeling ;-)