Russian Black Salt. It’s a mixture of my home-made rye sourdough and coarse sea salt, charred and then ground down. . It came into our home thanks to @darragoldstein and her book Beyond the North Wind, in which I learnt just how prized this condiment is. It’s taken to church to be blessed and kept in the most special part of the home. . What interests me most though, is that it’s an age-old health supplement, said to cure many afflictions. Through my reading, I’m learning over and over how ancestral food wisdom holds such knowledge, often practised many, many generations before our modern-day scientific awareness ‘proves’ it true. . Activated charcoal is much touted as a health promoter. We made a charcoal-like block in the process of this. It wasn’t heated to as high a temperature as activated charcoal, but still, I’d lay money on there being truth in the Russian traditional wisdom of its health benefits. . My current favourite way to eat in is sprinkled on lightly toasted sourdough that’s previously been spread with local lard. Crunchy, warm, bready, melty, salty and slightly burnt. Can you tell I’m enamoured?! . Check out my story for more pics.