How are you going without complex carb? . I’m pretty rubbish! I think I killed my ‘metabolic flexibility’ (the ability to burn carb *or* fat as a fuel source) when, aged 20, and weighing more than 20.stone (280lbs/130kg) I decided to lose weight. Great, right?! Well, yes, but I did it in true 1980s-style by cutting fat from my diet. . And, having lost half my body weight (hurrah!), I spent the next decade mortally terrified of fat. Literally. Having been the ‘fat girl’ all my childhood, I was a gibbering wreck when contemplating eating cheese or butter. . In those 10+ fat-free years, I basically trained my body out of being able to burn fat by not ever giving it any. . The last 5 years, I’ve been diligently working to try and regain this ability to digest and absorb fat. It’s slow work. Making my dinner earlier and my breakfast later has helped. Skipping dinner once a week has helped too. But neither of these are as nice as this – a complex carb free breakfast: Raw goat’s milk kefir, an egg yolk, ground linseed, cacao nibs, cacao shells (left over from my morning tea) and a few hazlenuts. . As I have learnt, quick fixes are few and far between. Healing takes such a long time and teaches me patience.