More is not better. This is my Lesson Learned for #veryfarmish. . I’ve always lent on the side of too much. I make too much food. Historically I’ve eaten too much (a story for another day). I give more than necessary. . I started teaching myself how to bake #sourdough from library books a year and a half ago. When fermenting, I’d pretty much always end up leaving it too long. And then I’d miss the magic of enjoying all the potentiality for risen loaves. . This is a 100% wholegrain spelt sourdough. It was made on a hot, hot day here. I was brave and chose to shape and bake it ‘early’. It worked and I was rewarded with a wonderfully-risen loaf. . Too much is not good. Neither is too little. Just right is the charm. This is true of my cooking *and* my life. It’s part science and experimentation, but it’s also partly trusting our guts, that wonderful source of knowledge that gets deeper the more we dance with it.