Pigs brains. A first time for me. I boiled them for a few minutes to firm them up and then rolled them in sage-spiked spelt flour before frying. . We ate them with Italian rice and a local salad. . My son proudly announced they were his favourite food ever. The two adults in the house weren’t so sure…but I’m getting them again this week and having another go, as when it comes to #nosetotail, I don’t give up. . These brains came from Flavio’s pigs at @lavalledelsasso – a few miles from our home. I went there and stood in the pig pen a month or so ago. If I choose to have a pig killed on my behalf, the least I can do is ensure it has a good life and not waste it. . This is my *Farmish Meal* for the wonderful #veryfarmish challenge this month – can’t believe we are almost through a month. Check out the hashtag to see more inspiration.