1:1 Mentoring: Get Going with Ancient Grain Sourdough


(Approx $355)


Want to make ancient grain sourdough a part of your kitchen but struggling to actually make it happen?


Feel overwhelmed by all the sourdough information out there and want a simple, clear way to bring wholegrain ancient grain bread to life in your kitchen?


Struggled with making wholegrain sourdough bread in the past and want an experienced, calm guide to help you step-by-step through the process?



Tailored 1:1 mentoring program that will help you succeed with home-made wholegrain ancient grain sourdough.


I’ve been making sourdough with non-wheat grains for over a decade. I’m the author of Sourdough Spelt Everyday, the creator of the video course Rye Sourdough Bread: Mastering the Basics and half of the traditional cooking show Ancestral Kitchen Podcast.


With this four-session one-on-one mentoring, I’ll come into your kitchen, take you by the hand, and show you how simple, joyful and empowering it is to be make wholegrain sourdough bread from ancient grains. Meet me once a week for a month and let me guide you through the process, answer your questions, troubleshoot your issues, pass on my tips and advice (hard won through many failures) and get you baking loaves that you are proud of!


You might be:


  A complete sourdough novice


  A sourdough baker who wants to move to ancient grains


  Someone who’s tried sourdough baking with alternative grains but struggled to get loaves that work


  A want-to-be baker who’s not been able to create and maintain a strong sourdough starter


  An occasional alternative-grain baker who wants to up the non-wheat side of their baking


  A fan of wholegrain rye, spelt or one of the other ancient grains who wants to bring these to life in their kitchen


  Someone who’s previously made white sourdough bread and wants to transition to wholegrain


  Having issues digesting wheat (or know people who are) and want to turn to the more-easily-digestible ancient grains

What we aim to cover:


Week 1
   Determining your sourdough story – your goals, experience, issues, schedule and restrictions.
   Starter 101 – Looking at/sharing your starter situation. Passing on my full starter creation and maintenance plan. Addressing your particular starter questions.
   Creating a roadmap for our four-week mentoring and giving you a take-away plan to move you forward in the week ahead.


Week 2
   Checking in on your starter – sharing your experiences/issues and working through them.
   Sourdough discard uses.
   Working on your starter maintenance routine.
   Planning your bread-baking and getting you clear on the steps.


Week 3
   Checking in on your starter maintenance routine.
   Reviewing your first bread – talking through concerns/issues and giving you actionable changes for your next loaf.
   Planning your next loaf.


Week 4
   Reviewing your second and any further bakes.
   Troubleshooting and giving you confidence to continue experimenting.
   Determining your next sourdough steps.
   Giving you resources to support your continuing sourdough journey.


You’ll leave every session with a clear, actionable plan of what you are going to do that week in order to move your sourdough baking forward.


You’ll get access to articles, graphics, videos and more that’ll support our work together.


Each session will be tailored to you. As you see above, I have a plan of what we could cover but we’ll respond to your own specific needs. They’ll be time for you to bring your questions to each of our meetings and get them answered.

The mentoring will bring you:


   The ability to pick my brains in a one-on-one situation
   The opportunity to get your questions answered
   An actionable plan to move you forward
   Feedback from an experience wholegrain sourdough baker
   Multiple resources, suggestions, tips – ways to make your baking better!


I used to be a life coach! Here, I’ll mix that coaching expertise with my decade-plus experience of baking wholegrain sourdough with ancient grains to help you bring these loaves to life in your kitchen. Use the button at the top of the page to get going!


A note on us getting together: This mentoring is available Mondays 10.30am-12.30pm, Thursdays 4.00pm-7.00pm and Saturdays 2.00pm-5.30pm (all Rome time, use a time zone converter to check the equivalent in your time zone). If you cannot do these hours, email me at before purchasing letting me know your needs, and I will check whether/how I can accommodate you.


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