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Fermenting Oats

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The healthy, tasty, gluten-free oat grain can be fermented into a myriad of dishes, including porridges, jellies, oat cakes, pancakes and ovened bakes. This course will share how and give you recipes to create in your own kitchen!

This course begins by introducing you to the healthful, tasty and naturally gluten-free oat. I cover the different forms the grain can come in, the best ways to process the it (including hand-rolling options), why your oat groats might not sprout and why you’d want to ferment oats.

Next there’s a sourdough oatmeal demonstration and I talk about the many ways you can take fermented oats much further than your breakfast bowl by incorporating them into your cooking and baking.

I transport you to the United Kingdom and explain how to make (plus give you recipes for) naturally-fermented versions of two British oatcakes, one Scottish-style, the other an oat pancake from northern England. I share two other historical oat ferments from the United Kingdom, including, sowans, the Scottish oat ferment and, llymru, which comes from Wales.


In this accessible course, which is a recording of a Zoom session, you will learn:

  • Why fermenting oats is so beneficial and tasty.
  • What criteria are important when selecting your oats.
  • How to make ‘sourdough’ oatmeal.
  • Ways to use fermented oatmeal, including a recipe for a fermented oat bake.
  • How to make Alison’s own fermented oatcakes.
  • How to make a naturally-fermented, 100%-oat version of the historical English Staffordshire oatcakes.
  • Two ways the Scottish traditionally fermented their oats and another historical British oat fermentation from Wales.

If you love oats, you’ll love fermenting them. Come, join me


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