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Sowans: The Scottish Oat Ferment

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Do you love oats?

Would you like to learn how to re-create an age-old Scottish traditional fermentation?

Are you up for creamy porridge plus a tangy, probiotic oat drink?

Sowans: The Scottish Oat Ferment, will walk you through how to ferment oats the way the Scots used to. You’ll end up with two products; a delicious porridge and a zingy probiotic drink.

The course has over 55 minutes of video instruction plus downloadable files. Use the button under the course title above to buy the course from The Fermentation School for 40USD.




7 reviews for Sowans: The Scottish Oat Ferment

  1. Eileen Patterson

    Alison is a wonderful instructor! She explains everything in very easy to understand terms, shows you how to proceed step by step, and even shows you how the product should look at each phase. The end result is that I have been really enjoying a much healthier, and delicious, breakfast with my sowans and I have also really enjoyed the mulled version of swots.

  2. Emmanuel Archontous

    Very nicely documented and presented.

  3. Gemma Archer

    Based in Scotland, I’ve looked for but struggled to find traditional fermentation recipes…thank you for introducing me to this part of our heritage which is no longer so well-known. The course is very clear and easy to follow. I’ve bought my oat groats and will be giving this a go!

  4. Elly Emmett

    Very thorough and enjoyable to watch! I loved all the variations provided depending on what type of oats and equipment you have. Everything you need to know to make this wonderful fermented drink and home-processed oat porridge is provided in this delightful course. I can highly recommend Alison’s millet Boza course too. Five stars!

  5. Kate Kassulke

    What a wonderful course! I am completely in love with this new healthful ferment and can’t wait to put this knowledge into action. Course was very clearly instructed, and was at once simple enough for busy people but also inspiring to more adventurous fermenters. It was comprehensive and I enjoyed both the video and written content… I love that Alison said it was like eating clouds. Food fit for and oat Queen! Thanks.

  6. Babsi Riegler

    The course covers everything from the history of sowans to the equipment needed (with lots of options to get the desired results), the process of fermenting the oats and the many variations of what to do with the final ferment. The videos were very clear and Alison explained every step in detail. The .pdfs supplement the videos come in very handy… This would be a great course to try your hand at fermenting – very easy to follow and with lots of inspiration for further experiments.

  7. Frankie Carl

    Great instructional set of videos made by a thoughtful person. I cannot wait to make use of the information! I highly recommend this course for those who are interested beginner is in this subject. Cheers!

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