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Sowans: The Scottish Oat Ferment

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Do you love oats?

Would you like to learn how to re-create an age-old Scottish traditional fermentation?

Are you up for creamy porridge plus a tangy, probiotic oat drink?

Sowans: The Scottish Oat Ferment, will walk you through how to ferment oats the way the Scots used to. You’ll end up with two products; a delicious porridge and a zingy probiotic drink.

The course has over 55 minutes of video instruction plus downloadable files. Use the button under the course title above to buy the course from The Fermentation School for 40USD.




2 reviews for Sowans: The Scottish Oat Ferment

  1. Eileen Patterson

    Alison is a wonderful instructor! She explains everything in very easy to understand terms, shows you how to proceed step by step, and even shows you how the product should look at each phase. The end result is that I have been really enjoying a much healthier, and delicious, breakfast with my sowans and I have also really enjoyed the mulled version of swots.

  2. Emmanuel Archontous

    Very nicely documented and presented.

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