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10 Tips for Creating & Maintaining a Sourdough Starter

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Struggling with creating or maintaining a sourdough starter?

Take this short course for with my 10 top tips!


What’s the best flour for my starter?

How do I keep it warm?

How often do I need to feed it?

My starter looks like it’s died what should I do?

So many sourdough lovers struggle with their starters, and that’s understandable: starters can often be the most troublesome part of sourdough baking and is one of the things I receive the most questions about! This short course gives 10 tips to help you succeed with creating and maintaining a sourdough starter! The clear, entertaining, and information-packed videos are full of helpful guidance. They are for you if you’ve never made a starter, if you’ve tried before and failed, or if you’ve already got a sourdough starter but want to make your process simpler and easier.


2 reviews for 10 Tips for Creating & Maintaining a Sourdough Starter

  1. Rebecca Lerner

    Excellent for me, a complete novice. Alison is a natural teacher! Thank you.

  2. Millie Alvizua

    Very concise and mind opening. I enjoyed it immensely!

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