Imperfection is so damn sexy! . In food, I equate perfection with mass production: Industrialisation required us to not only make food ‘keepable’ (hello packaging and chemicals) but also the *same*each*time*. And I find that so boring! . Imperfection shows that your food is REAL. It’s been made with hands, in an environment that changes everyday. . Imperfection is how we learn what works and what doesn’t; what we like and what we don’t like; how each litte thing we do influences the end result. . Imperfection is so interesting. Each time I make chocolate at home the eating part becomes an adventure – it’s always a different experience. . We swim in a food system that teaches us to want the same thing, exactly that way, again and again. I encourage you to rebel by making some imperfect food with your own hands today! . If you want to have a go at the bean-to-bar chocolate, I have a low-price course that’ll walk you through it! Click on the link in my profile and scroll down to the courses section, or go to my story today, I’ll put a clickable link there.