I just wrote a piece on my five favourite kitchen tools for the soon-to-be-born @ancestralkitchenpodcast cookbook. . I included the beautiful wooden chopping board that is underneath this pizza (it raises my low work surface about 3 inches which, for someone who is nearly 6 foot, is heaven sent). But I didn’t have space to wax lyrical about the pizza stone and the pizza peel that helped bring this sourdough spelt pizza to my table (even though they bring so much pizza-fuelled joy to my kitchen). . My home is tiny…the kitchen, and it’s accessories (even though I don’t have many!) take up way more space than is ‘normal’. Just like food takes up way more space in my head than ‘normal’. But then, we get to eat *such* amazing meals. It’s worth it! . Sourdough pizza recipe is in my profile if you’re in need of pizza this weekend! . Wooden board, pizza stone and pizza peel optional ;-)