20 Small Steps To An Ancestral Kitchen – Free Printable

Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to eating and cooking ancestrally?

Maybe you’ve tried before but stopped as it was just too much?

Or perhaps you’ve poured over the cookbook Nourishing Traditions but had so many ideas you just didn’t know where to begin?

My podcast co-host, Andrea, and I often get asked these questions. So we’ve developed 20 Small Steps To An Ancestral Kitchen; a roadmap that helps break down the step-by-step path to going from a standard diet to an ancestral kitchen.

Because any change can be broken down into small steps – including eating ancestrally. And then all we need to do is put one foot in front of the other. Slowly, we build something new. That’s how my ancestral kitchen developed – I started with sauerkraut, then found raw milk locally and after that began fermenting it. Everything else slowly followed.

Wherever you are in your ancestral food journey, these 20 Steps To An Ancestral Kitchen will help you. Download a .pdf that details them all here. There’s a resources list that’ll support you through each step on page 2.

And listen to Ancestral Kitchen Podcast #50 – 20 Small Steps To An Ancestral Kitchen to hear Andrea and I breakdown the steps, talk about why they are important, where we each started and share advice and support for your transition.

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