In my story today, I ‘unbox’ my latest jar of sauerkraut! . We get through 2 litres (quarts) of sauerkraut a month and I have a rotation of two jars on the go at all times – one fermenting on the shelf and one open and being eaten (stored in the fridge). Once the current one is all eaten, the fermenting one gets moved to the fridge and I make another jar ready for fermentation. . I use glass pickle pebbles and a cabbage leaf to keep the vegetables under the brine (this is *very* important for good kraut). . Sauerkraut is one of those foods that cost pennies (or cents, depending on where you are from!) to make and yet costs the earth in shops. You can hear @farmandhearth and I talking about 5 foods that are expensive (and yet really cheap to make) in @ancestralkitchenpodcast episode #4 via your podcast app or the link in my profile. . If you have sauerkraut questions, feel free to drop them below :-)