Did you read over Christmas? These are the three second-hand books I treated myself to. I had finished the bottom two of them by Boxing Day evening (oh holidays, I love you!). . I know so much more about oats and the Scottish diet now. I was *staggered* by the details in The Scots Kitchen (first written in 1929) – no wonder Weston A Price found the Scots so healthy when he went there. . There’s a section in there on sowans, the Scottish oat fermentation that I have a course on over at the @thefermentationschool. So great to see how it was a common food (just like it is in our house!) until quite recently. . I’ve only just started the top book and it’s already produced a heated dsicussion on the development of taste in our household…I just love how books prompt thinking (and arguing!). . I took a video and it’s in my story today. . What did you read over the holidays?!