Kirsten Shockey has been fermenting for over two decades and has authored five books on fermentation. We’re delighted to have her share her knowledge and experience on the podcast this week! . @kirstenkshockey covered so many topics – what the most common questions she gets are, how she started, what her favourite things to ferment are, why women are so important in the tradition, how to bring on board fermentation skeptics, and lesser-known ferments like natto. . You’ll also hear about her course, Your 30-Day Fermentation Challenge (over at @thefermentationschool), which both of us have so enjoyed learning from. It’s a perfect way to start the New Year and do keep an ear out for the discount on the course available to podcast listeners. . Get the episode by searching for Ancestral Kitchen Podcast in your podcast app or by streaming/downloading from the link in the profile above.