Are your holidays stress-free? . We asked our listeners for what they wanted to hear on the podcast Christmas episode: . How can I not overindulge? How can I eat well when I’m going to someone else’s home? What good food can I take to with me when I’m travelling? What can I prepare in advance so I’m not in the kitchen all Christmas morning? How can I help my children avoid the onslaught of bad food? How can I have the Christmas I always intend to have but never quite achieve? . We answer all these questions and more in today’s episode, which we decided to call The Christmas Survival Guide! . If you want some tips to help you stay sane and well over the holidays do listen in. And if there’s someone else you think this’d help, send it to them! . You can download @ancestralkitchenpodcast from all the podcast apps or stream/download from the link in Alison’s or the podcast’s profile. . A very Happy Christmas from both of us to you and all you love.