What wonderful meal out have you tried to recreate at home? Was it a success? . Many months back I went to a sourdough pizza restaurant in Florence. I had a pizza spread with onions slow-cooked in chianti wine and then topped with gorgonzola. Oh my, it was good. . Finally I got round to trying something similar. I cooked sliced red onions for ages in olive oil the added a lot of red wine, cooking it down until the liquid had all gone. I spread that on my sourdough spelt pizza (recipe in profile) and topped with a local raw milk pecorino and the last of the basil from the garden. . It was very good. . Next on the list is the other delight I ate there – focaccia stuffed with head cheese :-) . So I want to hear from you! What have you tried to recreate? Did you have to guess the ingredients? Did it live up to your memory?!