If you are on the run in Florence and want some street food, one of your options is ‘Porchetta’. There are stalls selling it all over the city. It’s pork, rolled with spices, roasted, sliced and laid in the middle of a bread roll. . Here’s my home version with an ancestral twist. I roasted belly pork from @valledelsasso with fennel seeds, garlic, salt and pepper. Beet from the garden (thank you #bokashi compost!) roasted beautifully with some local beans under the pork, catching the juices. I then made a spelt sourdough focaccia with some cold oat porridge in the dough (makes it so soft – I’ll put more pics in my stories). We cut it, stuffed the sliced pork in and served with the veg, some gorgeous crackling and (as just in the distance you can see) some sauerkraut. . I love good street food, but I love sitting down at the table eating whilst the house still smells of roast pork and baking bread more!