I strive to create beauty with my food explorations and I love it when someone takes my version of beauty and makes something even better by adding theirs! . Mary at @bigbank2riverbank took my sowans course over the @thefermentationschool and look what she’s made! My pics made me swoon…thank you Mary, can’t wait to see what you make next! Reposted from @bigbank2riverbank Sowans sourdough and a swig of swats. Say that ten times fast! Or don’t and just make this beautiful and healthy ancient fermented ‘haute’ oat cuisine that I continue to be excited to have learned about through @ancestral_kitchen and @thefermentationschool. This is a wheat and malted buckwheat loaf with a sowans scald (fermented oat endosperm), for a distinctly zingy taste and super soft crumb, as well as swats (the resulting probiotic drink) as part of its high hydration. Finally, it’s coated in the oat flakes and fermented overnight. A mini loaf that packs a punch of delicious flavours -my Munro ancestors would be pleased. #sowans #swats #sourdoughbaker #fermentista #scottishfood #zerowaste #sourdough #buckwheatmalt #baker #fermentedoats #fermentationschool