If you struggle with liver, make pate. And not just any pate; this pate. Thank you @almostbananas for sharing the joy you get from cooking ancestrally, including your live pate recipe, with the world! . I used 1kg of pig liver (pigs loved during life by @valledelsasso), half lard/half butter as the fat and followed Naomi’s spicing instructions to the letter. A quick blend in the food processor and I now have a *lot* of pate (half of which I have frozen). . So far, we’ve eaten in spread on sourdough (a great protein-rich snack option, straight from the fridge), as the filling for sourdough pancakes (along with lettuce and grated carrot) and, my favourite, scooped up in large amounts by crunchy oven-roasted pork skin! . Check out my story for more pictures. I’ve linked to Naomi’s recipe there so you can cook this up in your kitchen. And if you want to hear more from Naomi, check out episode #23 of @ancestralkitchenpodcast where you can hear me interviewing her!