Another sourdough carrot and spelt cake about to go into the oven. . I’ve been recipe testing and covering my camera in flour and fat most of this week. Here’s what I’ve been making: . Rye breads for my upcoming course at @thefermentationschool (I filmed the “what to do with sourdough discard” section yesterday). . Pig skin crunchies. I filmed each step for a potential YouTube video and gave a bag of the finished goods to my son to take on his first ever cinema trip (who needs popcorn when you’ve got pig skin?!) . Lard. The fridge is full of the white stuff and we have cracklings which I made into crackling bread (a recipe I’m testing to accompany an upcoming article I’m writing for the Weston A. Price journal) . Liver pate using @almostbananas recipe. Delicious! Photos of that to come next week. . And lastly, more of this delicious egg and dairy free sourdough cake. I will write up the recipe soon and share. . Meantime, this weekend, I’m taking a rest :-) I’m getting better at coming off SM completely for two whole days. Some Sundays I don’t even pick up a computer. We’ll see whether I manage that this weekend. . What have you been creating this week?