Today is my son’s 8th birthday. To celebrate he wanted pizza. As he’s the pizzaiolo in the house, I handed him the bowl and he mixed the dough. When he gave it back to me, he’d made this shape. . It does not seem 8 years ago today that I was in a big pool of warm water in my mother-in-law’s front room in labour. So much has happened. Not only with my son – who’s been on an incredible health journey – but also with me, his Mum, and his Dad, Rob, the man I love. . We’ve moved countless times, to the coast of Cornwall in the UK and then back to my soul’s home, Italy. Eight years ago I had a life-coaching business. Letting it go, I picked up a paintbrush and a few years later found myself running workshops on how to create with natural pigments and paint. The walls around me are filled with the colours I created. . Then, a couple of years back, the food joy that’s been with me all my life called to be shared beyond our four walls. Instagram and the podcast have helped me feel the wonder of a community who get and like what you do! . And I’m almost at 5k followers, which has all been a bit sudden. Thank you for the interactions. I’ve got to get to doing one of those “this is me” posts soon…in the meantime, I’ve got pizza to enjoy. . Recipe (it’s sourdough spelt) in my