Yesterday I met the lovely @leah_learns_to_cook and fed her my fermented millet drink, Boza. . She was super-excited to try it because she loves ferments but also because she had read about how it’s historically been a main-stay in Turkey through the book, A Strangeness in My Mind, by Orhan Pamuk. . It’s a story of a Boza seller, Mevlut who plies the streets of Istanbul. And I want to read it…maybe whilst drinking some Boza?! . This is the ferment on day one. When it’s done, it’ll be sweet, fizzy, a little sour and really moreish. I’ll drink it straight and use it as the base for smoothies. . It’s gluten free, dairy free and lectin free and teeming with good bacteria. . If you want to have a go (maybe whilst reading the book?!) I have a set of videos that’ll talk you through it. Click on the and scroll down to courses to see the details.