In a year of recording podcasts with @farmandhearth, I have been astounded so many times by wisdom she’s *just*picked*up* by coming from a large family. . She honed her kitchen skills early, becoming the cook her for siblings and parents aged 13. She saw babies bring born and held them all through her early years. She has an embodied knowledge of how a community can share and work together in a way that creates more than the individuals could alone. . And finally, I got her to talk about it with the red record button on! Check out the latest podcast ‘Raising a large family the ancestral way’ by looking for Ancestral Kitchen in your podcast app, or streaming/downloading from the site (link in profile). . We really appreciate all the love for the podcast. Thank you. Our downloads are going up (we’re over 800 for the recent episode on stock) and we’re loving the recordings. Watch out for more goodies coming to the Patreon feed soon – we just can’t stop :-)