There are some videos of this bread, steaming from the oven, in my story today. I could *not* leave it until cold. I’ve got pretty good self-control…but this was just too much! . It’s my latest lard bread experiment – rolled up sourdough spelt with cracklings left over from rendering lard inside. . Breads like this – with left over lard bits – have been made in Italy (and throughout the world) ancestrally. And tasting it, you’d know why. . If you want to have a go, use my sourdough spelt pizza base recipe (linked in profile) and follow the pictures in my story, sprinkling and rolling up. Then support in a loaf tin and cook at a temperature a little lower than you would a normal loaf. . Tell me if you make, or remember your family making breads with cracklings. I’d love to hear of other traditions.