A pancake-stack-for-breakfast kind of morning. Spelt discard pancakes (literally just discard, flour and water) left out to ferment overnight and then cooked in the cast iron pan in lard. . I eat my pancakes savoury, not sweet because I don’t eat sweet things (not even fruit). I often get asked why I don’t and how I manage it. Here’s the short version: . Why – because if I eat sweet things I get vertigo migraines on my cycle. This is debilitating and not worth it. It took me about four years and much experimentation to figure this out! . How I manage it – after some time, it’s not as bad as it sounds! Taste buds adjust; you taste sweet in other things. My ‘treats’ take other forms – 100% chocolate, freshly-made mayonnaise, delicious bread and butter. I want to live, not put up with stuff, and my tried-and-tested ‘experiment until you learn’ mindset means I’m totally up for changing habits to improve things. . Going without sweet is not for everyone. It supports me, I think because I super-overinduged on sugar as a kid. Being twice the weight I am now messed me up somewhat! But still, if you want to lessen your sugar intake, know it’s do-able! . Back to my pancakes: these are layered with linseed, barley miso and local olive oil. It’s misty and cold here this morning and they helped me ease into my day. . If you want to share about sugar stuff or what you had for breaky, please do :-)