Grain mills are expensive. But grain is so much cheaper than flour, and, if you can buy it in bulk, it’ll last. . When I considered a grain mill a couple of years ago, I talked with my hubby, Rob, and knew we couldn’t justify an expensive mill. I’m not the only one with desires in the family, he’s been a musician without a guitar for most of the last two years! . We ended up buying a manual hand-crank roller mill, the Marcato Marga. It doesn’t grind grain anywhere near as finely as a stone mill, and it requires arm power, not electricity. But we love it. Rob grinds and reads out loud to us in the evenings. And we are used to ‘rustic’ bread… . …like this wholegrain rye sourdough. You can see the flour weaving through the crust in this picture. It’s dense but it’s delicious. . If you want to get started with sourdough and love rye, I’m planning a ‘Make & Maintain a Rye Sourdough Starter’ Zoom on Friday 12th of Feb. More details coming soon.