Milk kefir bread first came into my life as a rookie sourdough baker. I found a mentor online, and when he told me that he’d made breads risen solely with the power of milk kefir, I just *had* to have a go. . That was 3 years ago and since then, I’ve made this bread many times. I adore it’s delicate, milky flavour. I keep my standard sourdough starter quite sour and this kefir bread provides a lovely contrast in my bread bin. . I love nurturing multiple types of wild yeast cultures in my kitchen. The sense of autonomy, wonder and pleasure I feel creating with them is something that now I’ve ‘tasted’ it, I couldn’t live without. . Check my story today for a picture of the starter and a crumb shot. . And, while I’m on kefir in bread, someone told me last weekend that they’d heard of people putting their actual milk kefir grains in bread. Anyone know anything about that?