I started eating sorghum after learning about lectins. . Lectins are a protective protein produced by certain plants to help them survive – one that can cause problems humans who are particularly sensitive to them. . My son is, and we’ve been able to continue his healing journey by cutting certain lectin-containing plants out along with increasing plants – like sorghum – that are lectin-free. . Because this grain is easier to digest, it is one of the few grains I don’t always ferment. Here is it cooked in stock, mixed into a kinda of pilaf, with raw carrots, cooked kale, onions and garlic and a sauce made from olive oil and miso. . The veg were from the local market (see my story today for some *serious* local veg pictures!), the oil is local, the sorghum was grown in Italy and even the miso was made here. . If you’re looking to get the most from the grains in your diet, Andrea and I talk about lectin-free grains along with re-introducing grains and other ways to minimise grain digestion-difficulties and maximise grain flavour and nutrition in the current episode of @ancestralkitchenpodcast.