#17 – Pre, Pro, Parapro & Post – Biotics

“Fermented foods are the way to go. They taste nice, they’re cheap and they’re totally accessible” Alison

In this episode, Alison and Andrea discuss all the biotics, how and why to nurture and include them in your diet!

The run down:

We start by welcoming our new community member, sharing about how to access our just uploaded soap-making chat and talking about food – specifically heart, lard, bread, pulses (and shelling them) and pancakes.

17:00 Intro to the everything-biotics episode!

17:07 What are prebiotics

20:50 FODMaps

23:15 Andrea talks about the Nourishing Traditions book of Baby and Child Care and its explanation of how the gut works

24:23 What are probiotics

“We’ve been a generation and a half without fermented foods at every meal and we are paying the price for it” Andrea

28:15 The differences between lacto-fermentation and alcoholic fermentation

33:04 A day in the life of probiotic-munching in Andrea and Alison’s households

35:52 How probiotics stop Alison sleeping

39:00 How to introduce probiotic foods

40:59 Tablets vs. live probiotics

48:17 Rebuilding our biome, having patience and antibiotics

“It’s the work of a lifetime to culture what’s inside of us” Alison

1:02:07 Paraprobiotics and Postbiotics

1:10:00 Biotics wrap up!

“Your sauerkraut does not have to be old to have a lot of probiotics in it” Alison

Resources Mentioned:

Elly’s sourdough episode of the podcast

Farmstead Meatsmith Podcast

Alison’s blog post “What are Paraprobiotics and Postbiotics?”

Nourishing Tradition’s Book of Baby and Child Care Andrea read ‘lacto-fermentation’ on page 26 and ‘a schedule for introducing probiotics to someone who is not accustomed to to having them’ on page 27.

Chris Kresser’s podcast Revolution Health Radio

We mention Kitchen Table Chats; this is the podcast we record for our Patrons. Check out the community here.

HIlary Boynton’s School of Lunch episode of the Wise Traditions Podcast her book is called ‘Heal Your Gut’

Christopher Shockey’s Ferment Nerds newsletter on substack

Wild Fermentation Alison read from page 10

Alison’s Sourdough Pizza Recipe

Thank you for listening – we’d love to continue the conversation.

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