Lardo: Have you tried it? I am completely in love with this cured pork fat and have been wanting to have a go at it myself for ages. The fat’s from @valledelsasso and the herbs are partially from the garden. Traditionally, lardo is cured in marble basins. I don’t have one of those! All the alternative methods I read said to put it in a plastic bag. I was not keen on that…I don’t want this beautiful fat sitting next to plastic for 3-6 months (lardo takes that long). . So, after the cure was on (check my story for the ingredients), I decided to wrap it in wax paper. I then covered it (the process requires darkness) and put it in the meat drawer of my fridge. The best lardo is weighted. After some thought, I decided the best option was to fill three empty olive oil bottles with water and rest them on top of it! . All rather home-spun. But I think it’ll work :-) . Now I have to wait. Till 2022! That’s far and away the hardest part.