You know when you hear about what someone’s building and you think, man, I’m glad they are doing that…it’s so important and I’d love to be part of it? . That’s what I felt when @kobofermentary let me know about the fermentation school @kirstenkshockey and @mereleighfood were creating. . It’s a B corporation. If you don’t know what that means, I assure you it’s pretty cool. It’s founded and led by women. Its aim is to raise everyone up. . And how much, in these times, we need raising up; how much we need to get our voices out further and wider, to pass on the message of ancient food wisdom, to get peoples hands in bowls on on chopping boards. This message has the power to change the world. . My course on the Scottish oat fermentation, Sowans (check out my story highlight if you’ve missed me posting about this gorgeous ferment) went up on @thefermentationschool yesterday. It’s $40. If you want to play with this delicious porridge and drinking-producing ferment, it’s a great idea to purchase it in the next two weeks (the pre-sale period) because you’ll *also* get free access to my course on the Turkish fermented millet drink, Boza. . I’ve got a Sowans on the go at the moment. I love it so much I make it every week. I’m looking forward to seeing others bringing it to life in their kitchens :-) . The link to the course is in my profile.