I’m cooking heart, again. . It’s become a ‘thing’ now. When @farmandhearth and I start a podcast, we always ask each other what the last thing we ate was. More than half the time, I say heart. . That’s because heart is good on so many many fronts. . It’s inexpensive: You pay less per kilo for a heart from a local, ethical farmer than you would for muscle meat wrapped in plastic from a factory farm. . It’s easy to cook: Wash it and put it in the slow cooker with water and a few root veg. . It gives and gives: It’s big hence it’ll do you many meals. It stays in the fridge and will freeze really well. . It’s tasty: It’s deep-flavoured muscle-meat, easy to carve and great served hot, cold, on its own or in stews. . This beef heart, just out of the slow cooker, is from the wonder that is Flavio @valledelsasso. I buy at least one a month and it lasts my family a good week. . If you have any questions on cooking heart this way, ask away.