Just turned out this sourdough polenta bread from the tin. It was made with sourdough barley polenta that I cooked up for breakfast and will give us easy-to-fix meals this weekend and into next week. . Check the link in my profile to see a video on how to make sourdough polenta and polenta bread with whatever grain/s you fancy, along with the ever-so-simple sourdough porridge. . This weekend my kitchen will see the fermentation of two sourdough spelt loaves, a sourdough millet and sorghum loaf, a sourdough rye loaf, some rolled oats, some sowans, and my usual sauerkraut, garlic and water kefir. That’s a lot of bubbles! . Tell me what you’re fermenting this weekend! I’m taking Sat/Sun off here and I’d love to come back Monday and hear about bubble action :-)