This is the land that brings me my food. . We planned a whole day out to visit @valledelsasso – where our #farmerman, Flavio, takes care of cows, sheep, pigs, ducks, geese and chickens. It’s only a few miles from our home, but with no car, the train and the bus into the hills was quite an adventure! . We arrived hungry and saw that Flavio had already lit the barbecue! Along with his wonderful meat, I took a sourdough spelt, chocolate barley and sorghum loaf and some ginger beer. Gabriel played with the other children, Rob borrowed Flavio’s guitar and noodled, I chatted, ate, and wandered around with my camera. . So grateful for the community I am finding through the food choices I make. So happy to be able to support the people who choose a tough path – to work the land with love. . It happened to be Rob and my 6th wedding anniversary. I couldn’t have imagined a nicer celebration. . Going to pop some more pics and another video in my story.